What if you walked into your bathroom and saw satan sitting on your toilet casually taking a shit and reading the newspaper and when he notices you walked in, he steps in the toilet and flushes himself back down to hell? Would you ever use your toilet again?


What if every picture we reblogged or saw on the internet we could bring to life?


What if your gloves controlled your hands and made you do weird stuff like touching random people and hitting people and then every time you try to take them off they made you slap yourself?

Is the man in the moon married to Mother Nature?

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What if instead of looking through windows, the windows looked through us and they saw into our souls and found out our secrets, and there was this group of gossipy windows that started telling everyone your secrets?

What if the world sneezed and the moon said bless you?

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What if your shadow was actually trying to get your attention when it mimics you because it had something important to say?


What if the only reason our food pops in the microwave is because it’s screaming because it’s being cooked alive?

Popcorn must be in extreme pain, then.

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What if in a parallel universe the ice cream licks you?

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If I ate a bunch of non toxic pink paint..


Would my poop turn pink?

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what if you met a boy online and fell in love with him and then you met him in real life and he was really a moth that had spent hours upon hours on a keyboard flying from key to key to convince you to love it what would you do

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What if instead of a tongue you had one giant tooth and instead of little teeth you had a bunch of little tongues?

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What if one day you woke up and all of the sudden your arms were like these tentacle things that won’t do what you tell them and like touching lamps and the faces of strangers?

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